Summer Revision Course

Private on-line summer revision courses

During the Coronavirus period, many of you may have been affected in different ways. This is especially true for the current S7 and S6 students, who are going to sit for the 2020 (September) and 2021 European baccalaureate exams. You might not have finished the required syllabus thus having gaps in your knowledge. This summer revision course in perfect for you to fill in gaps and improve your weak points. The course content will be adjusted according to the student’s level.

Jenny covers the essentials of S6 for a fresh and confident start in S7 and
a successful 2021 European baccalaureate.

During 5 days you will be fully immersed in one subject:

(Below is a suggestion of the class plan, the actually frequency and time slots can be adjusted to students’ availability)

Maths P5        June – August 2020

Mon complex numbers
Tue vectors, planes and distances
Wed functions 1
Thu functions 2
Fri statistics

Maths P3        June – August 2020

Mon exponential and logarithmic functions
Tue derivative
Wed transformations of graphs
Thu probability
Fri statistics

Physics        June – August 2020

Mon mechanics and dynamics
Tue uniform circular motion
Wed simple harmonic motion
Thu gravitational field
Fri electromagnetic field

Chemistry        June – August 2020

Mon the periodic table
Tue chemical bonds
Wed redox reactions
Thu alkanes and alkenes
Fri structure of compounds

Biology        June – August 2020

Mon the cell
Tue respiration
Wed genetics
Thu family tree
Fri evolution