At the moment, we offer Maths, Physics, Chemistry, biology, and computer programming tutorial.


Maths has always been one of the most difficult subjects for European School students. Jenny likes to turn Maths class into a fun and interactive activity. She understands the need of the European School students and have successfully improved the scores of students.


Chemistry is Jenny’s main subject. In order to understand chemistry well, you need to be willing to remember the key reactions and the theories. With the help of Jenny, the journey will be much easier and fun.


Physics is usually seen as the hardest subjects among all the science classes. Although it seems to be a very abstract subject, it can be related to our daily life easily. Jenny has great experience of improving European Baccalaureate scores of students. Comparing to Maths, students tend to improve Physics scores faster. The good news is that the Physics Bac focus on mainly the knowledge in S7, so even if you are not that in S6, you still have a good change to improve fast in S7!

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